You have the great idea. We have the capital.

You’ve got an amazing idea but lack the funding and the expertise to get to market efficiently and effectively. That’s where Friday comes in.

Experience + knowledge:

Using our wealth of knowledge to pay your dues.

We invest in promising ideas from people who are passionate about their products and services. But our contribution to your success is about more than money. We’ve launched several of our own successful companies, so we also bring to the table deep knowledge and proven practices for building, running, and promoting a thriving business.

How we help brands skyrocket.


When you first contact Friday, we kick off this partnership by understanding your business goals and what you want your roadmap to be to get there. We do our homework on the market, and where you fit into it.


We have a strong track record of creating unforgettable brands that consumers love. After completing our Discovery phase, we pinpoint where you can disrupt the market. When you partner with Friday, you’ll have the experts on your side that have already seen it all.


After years of launching new brands across a variety of markets, we know what it takes to get attention. From building beautiful brand systems to nailing down the right price and navigating the supply-chain — we’ll help your big ideas become a reality.


We don’t just help you get off the ground with capital. We’re truly your partner throughout every challenge you may face as a Founder. We want you to succeed and will do everything in our power to get you there.

Your partner throughout every twist and turn.


You know this already: turning a concept into a company isn’t easy. We help you get the right perspective on what’s ahead—from the big picture to the smallest details—and we prepare you for every twist and turn in the road so that you can clear each hurdle without breaking stride.


The result? You’re free to focus on the intriguing stuff — the stuff that gets you out of bed in the morning, the stuff you talk about in your mission statement. And all it takes to get the ball rolling is a quick call to Friday—your anything-but-ordinary investment partner.